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What is Floral Preservation?
Floral preservation is the process that extracts moisture from the flowers, sealing the color and the natural shape. The colors of the flowers are deepened and enhanced, leaving them as if they were still standing in water. All flowers are displayed inside a virtually airtight environment, which keeps the flowers protected from dust and other types of damage.
When and how to order?
If I decide I want to preserve my flowers, what are my next steps? First, contact us to get on our calendar. During the busy bridal season, it is important that you reserve your spot on our schedule. We realize, however, that the unforeseen happens, such as the sudden death of a loved one. Please call us in these situations, and we will find a way to accommodate your request.
Second, work with your florist to make sure that they know you will be preserving your flowers. Some florists may use sprays and glues on your flowers which can make it difficult for us to preserve them. By informing your florist that the flowers will be preserved, they can avoid using these products on your arrangement. Once you know the types of flowers to be used in your arrangement, please share that information with us. We can work with you and your florist regarding the types of flowers that preserve the best.
Third, we recommend that you pick your the encasement prior to your event if at all possible. Although this can be done when the flowers are delivered to us, we recommend instead that this be taken care of early so that we can be sure to have all supplies readily available. Call us to arrange a time to come in to choose your encasement and discuss all the options available to you. Before we order your encasement or start the drying process, you will be asked to put down a non-refundable deposit.
Next, deliver your flowers to us as soon as possible. If your event was unplanned or has already occurred, we ask that you act quickly -- the fresher your flowers, the better the results. It is best if we receive flowers no later than 2-3 days after your event. Until you can get them to us, be sure to keep the flowers hydrated and store them in a cool place, such as a refrigerator.
Lastly, we will notify you when your flowers are ready – you can then pick up your beautiful keepsake and enjoy it for years to come!
How long does floral preservation take?
We can have your flowers dried within 3-5 days and encased within 4 weeks. Due to variables involved with other customers and their orders, Suspended In Time reserves the right to extend this time frame as needed. For a rush order call us for prices and to set up arrangements. Add additional time for shipping.
How long will my flowers last?
Suspended In Time specializes in heirloom quality preservation of floral memories, that will last through the generations of time under normal conditions. It is up to you the customer to do your part in taking care of your heirloom. We include a complete "care instructions" with every finished product so that you will know how to protect and take care of it. As a general rule, unless your encasement has been dropped or mishandled, your encasement should remain beautiful. There are some care instructions that go along with your finished product, and they are: Never use any cleaning products on your frames or domes. Use only cotton cloths and water if necessary. Keep your encasement as far away from swamp coolers or other water sources as possible. Although we use UV protected domes, to protect from fading, we suggest you keep your encasement away from direct sunlight. We do not warranty against scratches, fading or moisture damage.
Do flowers change color and can all flowers be preserved?
Caring for your flowers before you have them dried is important so that you have the best finished product you possibly can.
If possible let your florist know that you will be having your flowers preserved. Have your florist use the freshest flowers as possible with out replacing any stems with wires. The age and the condition of the flowers at the time we receive them plays a role in how well they are preserved. Preservation will cause some color changes in your flowers. Some white flowers dry a creamy color and some colors especially red flowers dry darker. Flowers that are received in poor condition can be replaced at a minimal charge. 
Tip: Because red roses dry darker Charlottes and Hot Ladies dry a very nice shade of red.
Supply your bouquet with a water source to keep your flowers from wilting.
For hand-held Bouquets clip the stems on an angle and place them in ice water in a cool spot preferably a refrigerator.
For Cascade Bouquets pour ice cold water into the oasis holder with a table spoon and place them in a cool spot preferably a refrigerator. Try not to get water on the flowers.
Tip: Flower food packets can be added to the water to help your flowers look their best. You can get this at most grocery stores that sell flowers.
Bring any extra flowers from the wedding you may have (brides maids, table decorations or cake flowers) since some flowers get smashed or damaged during your event this way they can be replaced if needed.
Tip: For grooms boutonnieres you may want to have two boutonnieres made or before its time to meet and greet remove the boutonniere and put it somewhere safe, since they seem to get smashed the most. If something does happen to the boutonniere, we can recreate it for you.
If you need a pick up or to ship your flowers call us for arrangements.
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