Suspended In Time...Forever - Floral Preservation for Weddings, Funerals & Special Occasions
Preserving funeral flowers is not about remembering the funeral, but about paying tribute to a beautiful person's life.
Suspended In Time can create a special loving tribute to your loved one that will give you a feeling of comfort and joy. 
When someone you love passes on, your world changes in many ways.  Flowers have historically been a comforting symbol of respect, admiration and even celebration at funerals and memorial services. Funeral flower preservation is growing in popularity as people realize how special it is to have a memory of the event that was the final tribute to someone they dearly loved.
In addition to flowers we suggest incorporating pictures and other momentos that were special in the life of the person whom moved on. We can even include a small urn in the encasement for those who have chosen cremation.
It would be our privilege to create your loved one's life tribute memorial.
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