Suspended In Time...Forever - Floral Preservation for Weddings, Funerals & Special Occasions
If you live outside of the Pittsburgh area you can have your flowers shipped to us overnight.
For best results use Priority Overnight Delivery through your local post office or Fed Ex. The quicker we get the flowers the better end result. Keep your flowers hydrated and in the refrigerator until shipment, DO NOT FREEZE.
Materials Needed:
Plastic Bag
Large Foil Pan
Styrofoam cooler
Cardboard box
2 Freezer packs
Dry crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts
Packing Your Flowers:
1. Please call at (412) 788-8885 so we can be expecting your package.
2. Secure ices packs at bottom of cooler.
3. Place foil pan on top of ice packs.
4. Spray flowers with a lot of water and place in plastic bag on top of foil pan. IF FREEZER BAGS TOUCH FLOWERS DAMAGE MAY RESULT. 
5. Place dry crumbled newspaper or packing peanuts around flowers to fill cooler. Use enough so that your flowers do not move in transit.
6. Place styrofoam cooler in box.
7. Place any pictures, invitations or any additional items in a zip lock bag.
8. Label the box Fragile, Perishable 
and This Side Up on the box.  Once the flowers arrive we call you to confirm.
9. Ship to: Suspended In Time
                         169 Valley View Rd.
                 Imperial, Pa 15126
* A $50 deposit is required when shipment is received.
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