Suspended In Time...Forever - Floral Preservation for Weddings, Funerals & Special Occasions
Suspended In Time will preserve your flowers and creatively place them in a unique encasement that you have chosen. We have an assortment of frames, shadowboxes, acrylic boxes, jewelry boxes and ornaments.

Hand tied bouquet with picture, garter & boutenierre
Our unique process is allows flowers to be dried within 
3-5 days, therefore enabling your keepsake to be completed within 6-8 weeks. This quick drying method inhibits deterioration allowing your flowers to retain their original shape along with gorgeous color retention. Our finished product is similiar to freeze drying although we obtain faster results. We use a special industrial sealing process to keep air and humidity out. Additionally,
the highest museum quality UV protection is used on all our frame and shadow box encasements to protect from light damage. This method has been used since 1997 and surpasses any other type of drying system with superior, life-like results.
Plan now to preserve your flowers and have them picked up or drop them off while they are still fresh. Please give Suspended In Time a call and leave the details to us!

Frame with flowers and message108
12611 x 14 frame with picture 



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